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Friday, December 11, 2020

Look and see what is coming for 2021-2022!
The stable is the base and can be used by itself as a picture to color. Or, you can use the Flip Book and Spinner Picture Wheel by themselves. There is also a blank Flip Book and Spinner Wheel if you would like to purchase stickers and let the students use those. To use the Flip Book, print and cut around the outside edges. Layer and staple together. There are directions for the spinner wheel on the page.

I used these sets to talk to them about Jesus and to give them a hands-on about their flip book they were going to color. I used the flip-book as the review. I set up the stable and we talked about the animals, what a stable is. Then added Mary and Joseph and discussed why they were staying in a stable. We put the shepherds and the sheep off to the side in the 'field' which made it easier for them to understand. I didn't use the angels because all the angels in the Bible are men and don't have wings (cherubim and seraphim's do).
The shepherds ran to the stable to see the Savior! They liked taking the shepherds from the field to the stable!  He told me "This is fun!"
I also used these Jesus (AKA Joseph for this lesson) and Mary and baby Jesus from Hallmark.
Another choice for a visual is a suitcase visual. The printables can be used without the suitcase, but it gives it more depth and texture. I purchased the mini decorative suitcase here. Good points for this suitcase: These are cute, more affordable and smaller. Downside: If you plan to use this with the lid flat (as shown above),  the back doesn't sit flat. I used something (plastic containers, a book, etc. to  hold it up and keep it stable on the table. If you are using it sideways (like a book), then it will work great! More of these are coming!
I used 12x18 construction paper cut down to cover the back and bottom. I added party shred to the 3-d manger. Party shred can be purchased at Amazon, Wal Mart, MichaelsDollar Tree, etc. and is much cheaper at the dollar stores. My studies show that the manger would have been stone, not wood.

More ideas are in the file! Use felt, fabric or construction paper for the shepherds in the field. Put them off by themselves. They can hurry to the stable after they are told the Good News! Add animals that could be in the stable and sheep with the shepherds to add dimension.
New Life of Jesus series beginning January 1!
Don't let the title fool you! 
This series has a huge assortment of new ... everything!
Jesus begins the series for 2021, with Old Testament and Acts following and completing 2021-2022.

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