Friday, January 1, 2021

ABC’s of Jesus’ Life
ABC's of Jesus' Life
These lessons can be used without the alphabet theme.
Just consider them an update with new ideas and printables to teach the Life of Jesus!
Wow! I have had these thought about, started, lessons done, ideas worked on, etc. and everything in between since before 2015! Since these are more like updates with new printables, I decided to do them in groups. They divide nice for two quarters since there are at least 26 (there are 32 new lessons!). Really, there are only a couple of alphabet worksheets which do not have to be used to use these as a Life of Jesus series. ABC's in Acts will follow Jesus and Bible ABC's will complete the set.

Most of the lessons are more in-depth and longer. Most will have different application printables suitable for different ages. Most of the visuals are updated in their own file and have been added to previous posts.

These are mostly in chronological order instead of alphabetically.
Z is for Zacharias (bonus)
2. V is for Visit (Shepherds Visited)
The Shepherds Visit Jesus
4. T is for Temple (12 Years Old)
Jesus Stayed at the Temple
(available January 29)
5. B is for Baptism
(available February 5)
4. T is for Tempted (bonus!)
(available February 12)
6. D is for Disciples
The Disciples of Jesus
(available February 19)
7. N is for Neighbor
Love Your Neighbor
(Parable of the Good Samaritan)
(available February 26)
L is for Leper
Jesus Healed the Lepers
(available March 5)
8. L is for Lazarus (bonus!)
Lazarus is Alive!
(available July 2)
9. M is for Miracles
Jesus did Miracles in Matthew
(available March 12)
10. E is for Eat
(4,000 & 5,000 fed)
(available March 19)
11. F is for Forgive
Parable of the Unforgiven Servant
(available March 26) 
11. F is for Fish
(coming in the future)
12. I is for Instructions
Jesus Instructed the Samaritan Woman
(available April 2)
Bonus! R is for Roof
(available April 5)
13. X is for Example
The Examples of Jesus
(available April 9)
14. P is for Prayer
Jesus Taught Us to Pray
(available April 16)
15. Y is for Young
The Prodigal Younger Son
(available April 23)
16. Z is for Zacchaeus
Zacchaeus Meets Jesus
(available April 30)
17. K is for The King and Kingdom
The Kingdom of Heaven Parables
in Matthew 13
(available May 7)
18. S is for Sheep & Shepherd
Jesus is the Good Shepherd with The Lost Sheep Parable
(available May 14)
19. O is for Offering
(available May 21)
O is for Oil (bonus)
Jesus is Anointed with Oil
(coming in the future)
20. Q is for Question
Jesus Asked a Question about Faith
Jesus walks on water and questions Peter about his faith.
What if we ask ourselves that same question?
(available May 28)
21. J is for Jerusalem
The Entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem
(available June 4)
22. U is for Upper Room
The Lord's Supper & more
(available June 11)
23. G is for Garden of Gethsemane
Jesus is taken prisoner
(available June 18)
23a. R is for Rooster - bonus!
24. C is for Cross
Jesus and the Cross
(available June 25)
25. R is for Resurrection
The Resurrection of Jesus
(available July 9)
26. H is for Heaven
(available July 16)
T is for Transfiguration (bonus!)
(available July 23)

These will be added to the Bible ABC's series:
(available April 4, 2022)
 ABC's in Acts begins September 3, 2021

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