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Friday, May 7, 2021
ABC's of Jesus' Life: K is for King of the Kingdom
Parables of the The Kingdom is Like...
These lessons can be used without the alphabet theme.
Just consider them an update with new ideas and printables to teach the Life of Jesus!
In Matthew 13, Jesus tells quite a few parables. This lesson does not include the Parable of the Sower, but does include: The Tares in the Wheat, The Mustard Seed, Leaven, Treasure in the Field, Pearl of Great Price and The Dragnet
These are designed so that you can easily pick which parables you want to teach and delete the others that are included. Although certain parables are best taught together.
For this lesson, I gathered these supplies. The cheapest treasure chests I could find to give to each student was this. I found the mustard seeds in the spice section of the store. The pearl beads can be found at your favorite craft store and the biggest seed for the tares were the sunflower seeds. 
Find a net with the Hawaiian decorations. Add some fish or these fish and sea creatures for the net. I use this dough for the leaven and a cooked loaf, or biscuits or some type of bread to hand out for the final leavened part of the parable.
This is how I prepared everything to have ready for class. The first item was on top and layered so I could pull each out of the bag as I taught. I handed out the treasure chests first and told them we would be discussing parables about the kingdom. Everyone understands treasure chests, treasures and money! 

1. verse 24 The good seed I used the sunflower seeds and let each student pick a couple. Each item went into the treasure chest.
2. verse 31 The mustard seed These are tiny, and Jesus makes an effective point that even though these are the smallest seed, a big tree that can be a home to a bird and its nest can come from it.
3. verse 33 The leaven This is a concept they can easily understand by showing the small uncooked loaf and what can be made with it.
4. verse 44 The treasure in the field This is where the treasure chest comes in. I gave them a plastic coin to add to their chest and reminded them Jesus didn't say what the treasure was. 
5. verse 45 The pearl of great price The bag of beads had different sizes of 'pearls', so they had to think about the one of great price and how important it was.
6. verse 47 The dragnet I spread out the net a little since they are so big and tossed in the assorted sea creatures and the fish. I told them how they opened the net and threw it out and dragged it along, so it was called a dragnet. As it dragged along, it picked up all kinds of stuff from the sea.
As we discussed the parable, Jesus said when the dragnet was full, they had to sort through and collect the good fish and throw away the bad. So, as we talked about this, I put the fish into a pile and let the students add a couple of the good fish to their treasure chests.
 The first two worksheets are the same, but one has lines for students to write whatever you choose. The other pictures are flip books. Kids love these! The first has lines only for older writers, the second has lines and graphics and the last is graphics only. These printables can be used together for classes with different age groups by giving each student the appropriate paper.
This is a draw a line to the correct explanation of the parable Match It worksheet. One has graphics and one does not. A teacher's answer sheet is included.
A maze, word search and crossword puzzle are included with a teacher's answer sheet.
These posters are in the application pack. They explain parables (choice of two), tares, mustard seed, leaven and dragnet.
These Event Cards can be used as smaller visuals and they can be shuffled for the student to re-tell the parable. The same full-page size visuals and pictures-to-color can be downloaded below.
There are alphabet mazes and worksheets included. These are half-sheets and can be used in Interactive Notebooks. Click here to see a free video on how to make and use Interactive Notebooks. There is a set of 5 and 10 piece puzzles.

Click here to download the lesson and application pack.
 These simple black & white papers are intended for younger students. Each parable has at least one page and there is a cover if you want to make a book. The cover isn't shown. There two pages ☺ of ideas to use these pages and more hands-on ideas for each parable that a lot of age groups will enjoy.
Click here to download the visuals.
(These are not included in the application pack.)

Click here to download the pictures to color.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)

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  1. Wow, I thank you for all that you have put into your lessons and that you make them free and available. I live in Zimbabwe where paying for things on line is always a challenge. I teach at a private school and am using your lessons to help me offer a Bible club to the boys at the school. Thank you for your hard work and inspiration. May the Lord continue to bless your work.


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