The Widow's Mites

Monday, May 17, 2021
A new song by Jeanne Dickson and a fun application to use.
Visuals and pictures to color are available also.

Thanks so much for sharing her songs and these pictures and ideas!

The following notes are from Jeanne and are from her 2 & 3 year old class:

After telling the lesson about the widow and the money she gave, we compared it to our giving today. The children were each given some money and asked to place some or all of it in the collection plate.

The first little boy gave all, the second little boy gave some, the first little girl gave all, the second little girl only wanted to part with the coins and kept the bills, while the last little girl didn't want to give any (she insisted she needed to give it to her mama). It was an interesting experience!
The rich men's money - they're loaded!  
Jeanne said she almost lost the bag to one of the little girls, who wanted to take it home! ☺
This is what Jeanne used for the treasury. It is just an old coffee can. Not pretty, but it did the job.
Jeanne used a collection plate to let the students practice giving.

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