FBI Updated Classroom

Monday, June 7, 2021


This theme can be used for an investigation theme and not necessarily for this material. although the students and teachers love it. Also great for VBS, camp, etc. decorating.

I was asked to decorate this classroom for an Elder that is teaching the class of middle school students. You can find the material here. The teachers and students are really enjoying the study! But with Covid, they needed to move to a larger room to have more space between students. I decorated this room keeping it simple and with less stuff. Over a year later, it still looks great!

One wall I love is this FBI fabric shower curtain! When I was searching for VBS backgrounds, I also searched for shower curtains and there are a lot of  affordable options! I planned on adding Faithful Bible Investigators to it under the FBI, but it looked so good by itself, I left it plain! Everybody loves this! It comes from overseas, so give yourself some time for it to arrive. I used clear tacks in the grommets and lower corners to hang it. See it here.
For a fun wall, I designed this Graffiti Shadow people wall. I used these thick bulletin board backgrounds which I LOVE and will be easy to remove when it's time. The brick wall is here and the sidewalk is here. I had these already, so I used what I had. There are so many choices here!

Put Detective Silhouette in your search to find the detective shadows. I enlarged them onto this chalkboard bulletin board paper. I added the Bibles, magnifying glass and a briefcase. Then, because of Covid, I added the masks and the gloves in her 'pocket'.

I used a 'spray-painted' look and added the graffiti look wording for the four quarters of study. I wanted it to look like graffiti spray-painted on the brick wall.
Click here to download printables for the Graffiti Shadow Wall.
The only request from the teacher was this Jesus' Most Wanted bulletin board. It fills up most of a wall and can easily be changed as needed. Pictures of the students were taken in front of the FBI shower curtain or the height chart. You can have some FBI appropriate items to add to the fun of the photo op! This room didn't have any bulletin boards, so I used the thick bulletin board paper. Yes, I love it! Again, I had this and thought it would look good with the white papers that would be added to it and the teacher didn't mind the darker background. See it here. For the lettering, you could use this parchment for the background. But I used the leftover from the Graffiti wall sidewalk and cut the letters full-page on black cardstock with my Cricut. I also had the Investigation in Progress plastic streamer which can be found here. You can see the assorted posters I purchased here.
I had two height charts in the classroom. I made the one in the last room and didn't have time to make one again. Just type in mug height chart or here @ Amazon.com : mug height chart because I can't find what I originally used. This is one of them and they like this for the photo op. Remember to plan around stuff on the walls like door stops and outlets.
This Information Wall has the posters, Anchor Charts, timeline and more. Most came with the purchased material. You can see the Bible Timeline here.
I kept the door really simple. The FBI letters are full-page and have the theme titles in each word. I used some of the brick wall paper down one side. I added the password keypad and that was all!

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