Armor of God VBS: Joshua

Friday, August 19, 2022

3. Armor of God VBS

Joshua is the third lesson in Armor of God series. Paul wrote about the armor in Ephesians 6:10-20. The Sword of the Spirit was chosen for Joshua. He did exactly what God told him to do, and he won the battle of Jericho in Joshua 6. These lessons and decorations can be used for Joshua without the armor theme.

Click here to download the lesson, visuals, Anchor Charts and a picture to color.

Magnetic Board Visuals are smaller, and some graphics are used to emphasize some of the points of the lesson. I print on cardstock and laminate. I add these small magnets on the back and add them to a magnetic white board as I teach the lesson. They can be used any way you prefer. 

Click here to download the Magnetic Board Visuals. 

The numbered lesson is included in these.

Click here to download the full-page Magnetic Board Visuals.

I like the Magnetic Board Visuals but prefer them to be bigger with a larger class.  I used these as visuals and didn't cut them or use the magnets. This is my preference.
I stacked these boxes up and told the students they really had to pretend because the boxes represented Jericho. I had these two girls do the walk around for the picture and you can see how much fun they are having! The kids LOVE this. They walk around quietly, then stop to 'return to camp', then do it again for the six days. For the seventh day, march around seven times, the priests blow their ram's horns. At this point, we had looked up a video of someone blowing the ram's horn and played it loud with someone holding the ram's horn like they were blowing it, and everyone shouted and pushed 'Jericho' into a pile! This is such a basic idea, but the real ram's horn blowing and the being able to get up and move makes this so much fun for them! Remember to start it before class and skip the ad so it is ready because you don't know what ad YouTube will play!

I set up a Roman Armor display. For this lesson, we used the sword.

The Armor of God Cutouts above the armor is here.

The shield (Rome VBS Cutouts) and soldier on the right are no longer available.

The border across the top is the Athens plastic roll of tablecloth. I cut the border off of one side.

I used yellow bulletin board paper for the background and a red tablecloth for the display table.

I used my old Group Wilderness VBS background for an 18' wall. I painted Jericho on Kraft paper and printed the gate and archways. I added these palm trees, a palm tree standup and had a custom Joshua standup made here. Don't forget the cord for Rahab!
Here is Jericho. Right click and save.

I added anchor charts with the order of the people marching. Click here to download them.

I wanted them bigger since my wall is 20' and Jericho had to be big. I had them printed on matte 11x14" at Amazon and I used the Prime free delivery. They are about the same price at Wal Mart and you can do a pickup or have them shipped to you. They turned out nice and I will do this more often! 

Sorry, these are so big! But the bigger they are, the better pictures you will have.

Right click and 'save image as' these pictures and save them as big as possible. The original size I saved them is 123 KB.

Please note: Permission is granted to send Bible Fun For Kids files and posters to the church office or printer for copies and enlargements. The permission from the graphics can be found here, although I was not asked to show permission when I ordered mine.

If you prefer to have Joshua printed, it is a lot cheaper option than cardboard, which if you are paying for yourself, are now unaffordable because of shipping costs. Check around for prices, but when I ordered these, this was the best option. I purchased the matte 36" x 48". I used Prime free shipping, so ordering here was cheapest and they turned out really clear and the paper is thicker than the bulletin board paper I have to use to draw them! If the prices stay reasonable, I will print my people in the future! They come in a roll, so carefully release them and lay them flat roll side down with something heavy on them. It just takes a day or two, then cut them out.

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