Genealogy Charts for Jesus

Monday, November 8, 2021
Assorted genealogy trees including cut and glue and writing the names.
The first option was a request. I added the others as I thought there are so many ways to use this!
Kids love cut & glue!
This is a simple chart from Adam to Jesus that the students can cut and glue the pictures to fill in the spaces. You can also make the pictures stickers using something like a Xyron Sticker Creator and they love stickers! A teacher's completed Anchor Chart and color and black & white is included.
I teach the genealogy of Jesus with Ruth, so this chart includes Boaz & Ruth, Obed and Jesse.

This tree has boxes to write the names in.


  1. Love this! . . . exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much! You help make teaching the Bible a lot of fun with putting God's word in the hearts of the children. One 1st grader told her mom that Sunday School was the funnest! Yes, she also knows all the answers too! Thanks again.


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