Saul Lost His Vision!

Friday, November 5, 2021
ABC's in Acts: V is for Vision
Saul Lost His Vision!
These lessons can be used without the alphabet theme.
Consider these an update with new ideas and printables!
This is an easy lesson to have the students get out of their seats and act it out. Print the posters in the application pack and here is the general summation of the event. Someone can be the high priest giving 'papers/permission' to Saul. Attach the signs to opposite walls for Jerusalem and Damascus. Saul can walk towards Damascus with a group of people. Use a flashlight (or other bright light) to shine on 'Saul'. The voice of 'Jesus' can read His words from Acts 9:4-6. If you use red letter Bibles, this will be easier. The people can 'lead Saul' to Damascus where he waits. Saul can pray for three days. Ananias can be told what he is supposed to do by reading the words in red in Acts 9:11-16. Discuss how Ananias would feel about seeing Saul. But he obeyed and goes to see Saul. Ananias tells Saul who he is and why he is there. 'Something like scales' (wiggle fingers down Saul's face) and he can see. He got up and was baptized. Acts 9:18 Then he ate, spent time with the Christians in Damascus and immediately began to teach others about Jesus. Acts 9:19-20
The color signs are as shown and plain black & white without the pictures are included.
 The first is a Reader Worksheet. The wording from the scripture is as easy to read as possible with sight words while keeping to the key points with 5 easy to answer questions. The second is a fill-in-the-blank worksheet. Color and black & white are included for both.
A Word Search and mazes are included.
I designed the Trip Strip to be a cut & glue timeline. This one shown has lines for the students to write about each event. Or, they can write the scriptures. There is another worksheet without the writing space. These can easily be used for mixed age groups. Cut and glue according to directions.
This is not included in the application pack. Click here to download.
New information Anchor Charts for Saul.
These Event Cards can be used as smaller visuals and they can be shuffled for the student to re-tell the events and lay them in order. The same full-page size visuals and pictures-to-color can be downloaded below.
There are alphabet mazes and worksheets included. These are half-sheets and can be used in Interactive Notebooks. Click here to see a free video on how to make and use Interactive Notebooks. There is a set of 5 and 10 piece puzzles.
There is a one-page foldable book in color and black and white.
These pages can also be cut apart and used as flash cards to put the events in order.
Not all are shown.
(These are not included in the application pack.)

(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)
A passport and passport stamps were created to be used with these lessons.
Click here to see more worksheets, puzzles, scripture posters and lots of assorted printables.
Click here to see the other lessons in the ABC's in Acts series.

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