The Early Travels of Joseph and Mary

Monday, December 6, 2021
Assorted options for the map with cut & glue and /or Stand-ups.

There are three options to use and can be used interchangeably as you want to. 

All have color and black & white included.

The maps do not have the list of scriptures that are shown on the following maps. Students can write the scriptures as they are looked up to verify each city as they glue the picture in the spaces.

There are completed teacher's visuals for the first two map designs.
This option studies 5 events. 
Everything is on one-page and the spaces for the cut & glue are numbered.
This option includes 7 events.
This is a two-page printable, and the spaces are not numbered.
The third option is the plain map which can be used for other lessons.
Mary and Joseph stand-ups are included. Mary can be flipped to hold Jesus or not.
Jesus can be flipped to be in the manger or be a young Jesus.

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