Armor of God Games

Monday, March 21, 2022
To make the spinner, either purchase a game spinner like this or they can be found at your local teacher's supply store. Or you can make one with a brad and paper clip. Search 'how to use a paper clip for game spinner' for directions.
This set includes the four different people for player cards, spinner wheel and the armor pieces.
This set includes the five different people for player cards, spinner wheel and the armor pieces.
This also includes the education cube printables. They do not have the names on these so they can be used to roll and name the armor pieces as an application game. These can be used instead of the spinner wheel.
Kids love using these education/instruction pocket cubes for learning games. Print the cube squares and cut. Insert into the slots and a fun learning game is ready! It is worth the initial investment, and you can create pictures, questions, or whatever you can think of to use these. You can find them at AmazonCarson DellosaeBay, Dollar stores, teacher supply stores, etc. Or you can print the cube template. Cut around the outside, fold on all the lines and tape/glue the tabs to the inside to make a square. If you want to reuse, insert a box, foam, etc. to the inside and this will help it keep its shape.
These will be available August 1 as part of VBS printables.
Available next Monday, March 28!
Application worksheets and games to review the pieces of the armor and their names.

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