Paul is Shipwrecked!

Tuesday, August 2, 2022
Thanks to Haley Wilson for the photos and permission to share her ideas! Haley taught the preschool 3-4's for our VBS and kept them in her classroom for the whole time! Using different areas in the classroom with various activities and more kept the kids interested and happy! Paul was the first lesson to introduce the Armor of God.
This is a very huge wall Haley decorated for Paul the first night, then removed the sail & pole for Noah the next night. The preschoolers could walk into the boat and that is too much fun for kids!
This shows you the size of the boat and there is a big grin on the face!
And how much fun is this? Haley used plastic (use the roll or prepackaged tablecloth depending on the size of your class.) The plastic will make noise and they will love making it billow and make waves!
Haley made this prison wall from cardboard. You can see the details below, but it is easy for the kids to walk in at the back. This is such a fun, easy hands-on visual! She added some chains around the front which adds to the theme. You can find the chains in October just about anywhere. Some of these were purchased at Dollar Tree, Michaels, eBay, etc.
The top photo has the view of the prison and the city next to it. Haley made chains as a project, which kids love, and these are an easy cheap project. Just cut strips of back or gray construction paper or cardstock and staple together after inserting into the previous circle.
Haley had the student's design the storm and rocking ship on construction paper. Pictures are included to recreate this for your class. There is also a black & white page to print, let the kids color, add cotton balls for the clouds and add the rocking ship as an option. Haley also used the picture-to-color which is included. Click here to download.

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