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Monday, December 13, 2021
A new Box Visual Printable and Prison Foldable!
Jeanne Dickson designed this fun box prison for Paul and Silas and foldables. There are so many lessons and ways to use this! And so many variations on how to create one of your own! It was shared here earlier with other ideas and printables.

Thanks to Jeanne Dickson for permission to recreate her design and share her photos and thoughts.
Jeanne created three different covers for Paul and Silas in prison. They are shown at the top. Everything is interchangeable for this project. Pick a front cover door. The spaces between the bars can be cut out to show the people in prison through the bars. Although this Jeanne's is designed for Paul and Silas, I added one for Paul and Peter. I also added a blank prison cell. You can print half pages of whoever you want and students can glue them in the cell. Add chains, guards, etc. For Paul and Silas, add music notes stickers for them singing in prison. They include color and black & white.
You will need a flat piece of cardboard for the front, or use the two folding sides that will cover the front. Cut off the top and bottom flaps. Cut out rectangular ‘bars’ from the front. For the insert, punch holes with a paper punch and string ‘bars’ with yarn or string as shown beginning and ending on the back of your picture.
You can use thick craft wire also. For Paul and Silas, add music notes stickers to represent them singing in prison. The picture can be glued or just inserted if you want to use the prison for other Bible lessons.

Sorry, Jeanne’s prison is vertical and the only graphics I have that I can share are horizontal. These would look best if you can cut the top and bottom flaps off of your box and have two ‘doors’ instead of one. Or if you have your own picture or a coloring book picture like Jeanne used, the prison cell can be flipped either way.
Click here to download the prison background and Paul & Silas for a box or suitcase visual.
This is Jeanne's original prison that was lost so she designed the box prison above.

The box was flat (like you get poster board in). There was a split down the middle of one side, so the box could easily sit upright. Paul and Silas were attached separately to each of the two sides (doors could spring open). On the solid flat side, I cut out an opening and attached plastic prison bars (found at Party & Novelty Stores), so kids could see into the jail easily.
Click here to see more about making a Box, Suitcase or Turntable Visual
 using these backgrounds and more.

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