Box, Suitcase and Turntable Visuals

Monday, February 8, 2021
 I have had the supplies to share a suitcase visual and a Lazy Susan Turntable visual and decided to finally design it and share it! More ideas to use these and printables for more lessons will be added. You can click on the BST VISUALS link on the right under LABELS. BST = Box, Suitcase & Turntable 
Although this was designed for Paul & Silas in prison, I decided to share it early so I can add more ideas and printables for other lessons. You will see some of it again on December 17th when a new Paul and Silas lesson will be added. I have been wanting to add the suitcase and turntable idea for a couple of years and decided it would be great with the box idea. The same ideas and printables can be used with any option!

Jeanne Dickson designed this fun box prison for Paul and Silas. There are so many lessons and ways to use this! And so many variations on how to create one of your own!

Thanks to Jeanne Dickson for permission to recreate her design and share her photos and thoughts.
You will need a flat piece of cardboard for the front, or use the two folding sides that will cover the front. Cut off the top and bottom flaps. Cut out rectangular ‘bars’ from the front. For the insert, punch holes with a paper punch and string ‘bars’ with yarn or string as shown beginning and ending on the back of your picture. You can use thick  craft wire also. For Paul and Silas, add music notes stickers to represent them singing in prison. The picture can be glued or just inserted if you want to use the prison for other Bible lessons.
This is Jeanne's original prison that was lost so she designed the box prison above.

The box was flat (like you get poster board in). There was a split down the middle of one side, so the box could easily sit upright. Paul and Silas were attached separately to each of the two sides (doors could spring open). On the solid flat side, I cut out an opening and attached plastic prison bars (found at Party & Novelty Stores), so kids could see into the jail easily.
If you would like to purchase a 'box', these mini suitcase centerpieces (use those words for your search) are a great option. I have been wanting to design some Bible diorama's in a suitcase since I saw Crystal's ideas. These suitcases are 10"x12" and easy to use and store. The only negative is they do not have a latch to keep them closed. I found mine on sale at Oriental Trading when I was working on Crystal's ideas. There are different colors @ Oriental Trading and Amazon.
Click here to see more about the Baby Jesus suitcase visual.
I like the Tales of Glory for the 3-D effect. Click here to see a previous information post about them with links to help you find them. If you prefer to print stand-ups, click this link that is the LABELS link for the Stand-Ups that you can download. Or put the person with Stand Ups in the search bar to find a specific lesson and person. There are a lot of choices and more are coming!
Another way to use these visuals is on a Lazy Susan Turntable. This is the one I purchased. It is a 12" turntable. This has a ridge around the top and holds the papers inside it. There are cheaper products available now, but I thought I'd mention it because all the stickers peeled off perfectly and I didn't have the nasty, tacky residue left on it! Just put Lazy Susan Turntable in your search wherever you like to buy stuff.
This file has color and black & white backgrounds to create your Box, Turntable or Suitcase visual aid. These backgrounds are full-page and I trimmed the small white border off before using. These will work best of printed on cardstock or heavier paper. Click here to download the backgrounds.

Here is what’s included:

·        tent
·        night outside
·        city
·        water with beach
·        calm sea
·        stormy sea
·        prison
·        shepherd with sheep in meadow
·        house outside
·        valley
·        wilderness
More ideas for assorted visuals and the background and stand-up printables can be seen here.
Through the Roof! lesson and printables will be available April 5th.

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