Daniel and Friends are Brave

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego ask for vegetables and water. 
There are so many printables here!

Thanks to Jeanne Dickson for permission to recreate and share these Daniel printables!


Jeanne wrote the lesson outline foldable and designed the Match Game! The file contains the lesson foldable and review questions, the lesson for the teacher, and the questions for class and an answer page. Click here to download.


I added this Daniel Tic Tac Toe game that is super easy to make and use game board and the water, lettuce and turnips are the game pieces. This is a one-page printable in color and black & white. The students can be divided into groups and whoever answers a question, can add a team game piece to the board. Depending on time, you can play one or best out of 3/5 games can determine the winners. Click here to download.

The review game is easy to put together. The card tray template is included and there are directions to put it together. The students will answer the question correctly, then feed it through the open mouth and the question cards will land on the tray. This is just a fun different way to review and discuss the lesson. Answer sheet is included for the questions.

Both of the Feed the Boy Vegetables Games use Jeanne's questions and lesson which are included in the files. The teacher's answer sheet is also included for the questions.


This file has the same question cards and answer sheet. There is a cover for the file folder, or this can be used with a large envelope. There is a lion for the inside. Glue the pieces as shown. Students will lay the question card on the mouth when answered correctly to feed the big mouth.

Click here to download.

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