Daniel Requests Vegetables

Monday, October 17, 2022


You can watch Haley as she reads the book Tops & Bottoms.

Click here to see it on Children of the Church on Facebook.

Thanks to Haley for permission to share this project! 

This would be a great craft for Daniel and his friends asking to eat vegetables and drink water in Daniel 1 instead of eating the king's goodies.
Haley made this paper plate 'dirt and sky' for carrots. Please watch the video to see how she makes it. You will need a blue plate for the sky background or white colored blue. A brown plate cut in half (or white colored brown). Orange and green construction paper. 


To teach about God making the vegetables, or Daniel and his friends eating vegetables, I added these vegetables that grow underground to add to Haley's paper plate. Color and black & white are included.

Here are the links to the other items used during the video:



Click here to see the Bible Facts Flash Cards Haley uses for Bible review.

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