ABC's in Acts

Monday, September 6, 2021
ABC's in Acts
These lessons can be used without the alphabet theme.
Just consider them an update with new ideas and printables to teach the book of Acts!
Wow! I have had these thought about, started, lessons done, ideas worked on, etc. and everything in between since before 2015! Since these are more like updates with new printables, I decided to do them in groups. They divide nice for two quarters since there are at least 26. Really, there are only a couple of alphabet worksheets which do not have to be used to teach these as a book of Acts series. Jesus was first, then this ABC's in Acts, and Old Testament lessons Bible ABC's  will complete the Bible ABC's. Most of these are about Paul since most of Acts was written about Paul.

The lessons are typically longer because they are more in-depth. Most have a huge selection of application choices with a bigger variety for different ages. All the visuals have been updated.

Please note that some files have worksheets that are not intended for Bible classes. They are intended for learning situations such as homeschool, Christian daycare, Christian schools, Mother's Day Out, etc.

They are mostly in chronological order instead of alphabetically.

Early Acts:
O is for Obey
Obey Jesus
Acts 1-2
T is for Truth
H is for Healing
N is for Night 
W is for Wonders (& Signs)
Q is for Queen (of Candace)
D is for Dorcas
C is for Cornelius
P is for Peter in Prison (bonus)
Acts 12

Apostle Paul:
A passport and passport stamps were created to be used with these lessons.
V is for Vision
B is for Basket
M is for Miracle
Acts 13
X is for Example
Z is for Zeus
L is for Lydia
P is for Prison in Philippi
G is for Greece
T is for Tent Bonus!
Paul Made Tents with Aquila and Priscilla
Acts 18
E is for Ephesus
Y is for Young

A is for Agabus 
J is for Jerusalem
U is for Uncle
F is for Felix and Festus
K is for King Agrippa
S is for Shipwreck
I is for Island of Malta
R is for Rome

Other lessons in the ABC series:

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