Letters From Paul Overview

Monday, April 24, 2023

This lesson was written to give a brief overview of the Old Testament and lead into the New Testament. The main discussion is Paul's letters with a brief summary of each letter. They are listed in the order Paul wrote them and can be changed if you prefer to list them in the order they are in the Bible. 
 I purchased these mailboxes and precut the 'letters' and put them into the mailbox with 13 of these 2.25 x 3.5 coin/seed envelopes and 13 stamps from this roll of 1 cent stamps. Any of these options can be deleted from your project; they are just fun for the students to do. I put the 13 envelopes, the printed 'letters', and 13 stamps inside the mailbox. I kept the stickers in the bag and added the mailbox label and some stars and heart stickers. I handed the bag and said to put those on the outside and not to look inside yet. That way they didn't mix up the stamps with the stickers. 
These printables are included. There is a dot to dot, two color by number, a number 13 maze, word search and crossword. The visuals are not shown, but there are envelopes included for you to hold up so students will know where to write the words and place the stamp. This makes it easier than repeating how to spell each word. Although you can write it on a white board if you prefer.

There are 20 visuals included in the file. 



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