VBS: Peter's Perseverance: Day 2. Peter Denies Jesus

Monday, August 14, 2017
Our VBS lessons about Peter's Perseverance have been so interesting and so much fun.
This is Day 2 and we learned about Jesus in the Garden, Malchus and Peter denying Jesus.
When I set up my room, I have a tent in the corner that I have to work around. So, I decided to create this space as the Garden of Gethsemane. I used this paper for the grass and this paper for the night sky. You can easily make these yourself, but my list was overwhelming, so I used as much premade as I could find. Because of the height, I added an extra layer of the grass to the bottom and to make it taller.

The tree is a bulletin board set found here. I glued it since there isn't a wall behind this paper to staple it to.

I found the stand-up rocks here which I liked to make it pop. I felt they were a little pricey, but the stand-ups were easier to buy and can be reused. I used the two smallest in this pack. We purchased a flat dowel rod and glued it to the back to keep it stiff.

My Jesus stand-up was purchased at Oriental Trading a couple of years ago and is not available anymore. This stand-up Jesus was available this year though.
I found the courtyard background here. I cut the sky off and we stapled the night sky up first, then the brown for the ground since I couldn't find a small stone paper to use. Then we pieced the courtyard to the wall. (We didn't use all the pieces.) I added the people and the pots, basket and rooster. (These are floor to ceiling.)
I planned to use the smaller fire, but when I saw this new one, I purchased it. It is more the style I was wanting for VBS and it is taller. It is super simple to put together and stores flat. See the Campfire Cardboard Stand-up here. The smaller blowup campfire can be found here. I have it and I have used it for a lot of lessons. The kids love it!
I was looking for a rooster and didn't want to pay this much, but it is a good height (14") and stands up by itself. So, again for the 3-D pop look, I thought this rooster was worth the money. Plus, I can reuse it! ☺I purchased mine on Amazon, but be sure to price them on eBay also. At the time, Amazon was about $3.00 cheaper. Plus, one more thing I didn't have to make!
I wanted to add texture to the soldier's outfits. I found these Pyramid Spots at Hobby Lobby in the leather department. They are easy to use; just bend the prongs once it is inserted through the paper.

**I decided not to use torches on this wall, but thought I would leave the directions here in case anyone decided to use them for decoration. ☺** I found these light up torches here. I purchased two and plan to use them for Gideon, but wanted to use them for this wall also. My husband cut a 1 1/4" PVC pipe 1 5/8" to make the wall holder. I covered it with the Duck Tape I also used for Peter's roof. I inserted a wire through the inside and twisted  a loop so I could staple to the prison wall. Insert the torch and it is ready to light.

This is the last of a 6 year rotation VBS that we have been planning. So, when I say reuse, I really mean it! Well, unless I talk everyone into trying a new one! ☺

Application: Paulette organizes the application time for our class. This lesson she wanted to emphasize to keep working hard even when you are failing. Persevere. Keep trying no matter what. She divided the kids into four different groups. One group put 24 Dominoes into a train. A group had to remove pieces from Jenga. Another had a 24 piece puzzle to put together. The last group had weird-squeezy- spongy (that is my technical term for the balls shown in the picture above ☺) balls that they had to toss into a small container. They were tricky because once a couple of the balls were tossed in, the others seemed to bounce out. So, it wasn't as easy as they thought. Anyway, the whole point was to keep trying even when it didn't work. Even when it was annoying. Even when you had a hard time figuring it out.
*Just a note* For the crafts for this lesson, the kids made blue slime to review Peter walking on the water. You can find lots of slime recipes on Pinterest. They also had a small wood knob (like a peg) that they painted to use for Peter walking on the water. They absolutely loved this! I am not sure what Sara used for Peter, but it was something like this. This was a  review project since they decorated their T-shirts the night of Peter Walking on Water.

www.biblefunforkids.com www.biblefunforkids.com
I created these Bible Verse Handouts for each lesson. I just printed on regular paper, cut the page into thirds and attached it to a small handout. For this lesson, I purchased these Bible Book Marks. After folding the Bible Verse, I used these teeny rubber bands to put them together.
Click here to download the matching Bible Verse posters for each lesson.
 To use the Magnetic Board Visuals: Print on cardstock, cut out and laminate. Add magnets on the back to use as Magnetic Board Visuals. Or, they can be held up as you teach to use as visuals. They can be used on a bulletin board also. These are in color only. *The lesson is included in the download and has the corresponding numbers to use with the visuals.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3uNEVAAKowpOVJwVnZkSExwcWc/view?usp=sharing  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3uNEVAAKowpWUJodnJiaEIwVjg/view?usp=sharing
 VBS: Peter's Perseverance 
Click here (1) and click here (2) to see more ideas and printables for this lesson.

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