David's Harp & Slingshot

Tuesday, May 8, 2018
This is directions to Make Your Own Harp or Lire
(depending on your translation) for David. 

Thanks to Haley Wilson and Glenda Wilson for allowing me to share their ideas and photos with you! Thank you Glenda for the detailed direction photos.
You will need:
Foam Poster Board & craft knife or box cutter to cut
rubber bands
Harp template & scissors to cut
glue (I use Aleene's Tacky Glue for my crafts)
You can download and print this basic template first.
Use the template to cut 2 harps out of the foam poster board.
*Make sure you leave the straight piece attached.*
On one of the harps that are cut out, add rubber bands on ONE only as shown from the center straight piece to the bottom.
Last, add glue all over one side and lay the second piece that was cut onto  the first piece with the rubber bands. This will secure the rubber bands and make the harp stronger.
To make the slingshot, you can use leather, fabric or even cardstock if you don't care how long it lasts. Just add cord or string as shown and they are a fun addition to the lesson. I usually use marshmallows for the students to attempt to fling with the slingshot.
They love gluing cotton on sheep! If you have a machine, you can easily cut sheep out to use. Or, you can print this cute sheep I found. Haley glued it on a large craft stick. Click here to download sheep.

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