Bible Couples Match Me

Thursday, June 20, 2019
As you can see from the list below, this is an extensive review of 23 couples in the Bible. There are several options to use these and there are enough to create a lesson (or lessons) with these cards, task cards, posters and more! And this is great for a wide range of ages, too.
The Bible Couples Match Me cards are divided. I made them simple to cut squares. I would print on cardstock and use a paper cutter to divide them. There are 4 sets per page and they are all in color only.  The person and a picture is on the left side and the corresponding detail is on the right with a brief description and a picture.  These can be divided with the left side in a pile and the right side in a pile for the students to put together correctly.

They can be used with a single student, in pairs or as a group. The left side can be glued to a file folder and the student can lay the correct right side on top of each person to create a file folder game.  Or, the student can glue one side in an interactive notebook (one per page). As you discuss each Bible couple, the student can glue (or lay if you want to reuse) to the correct page and write notes and scripture about them as you discuss them.

The task cards can be added with a space to write and answer each question also. Cut around the outside solid line and cut down the center dotted line. You can save time by just using a paper cutter to cut in the center space of each set and cut on the dotted lines. This includes the teacher's list.
Here is the list of the people included.
 These are the same cards as the above, but are words only. There are not any graphics. Click here to download.
The posters have everything the same, but are full page to use for teaching and/or bulletin boards. There is a one-verse scripture added to easily be able to find the names of the couple.
To pull these all together, this Bible Couples Word Match worksheet has the same people for the students to draw a line to each correct detail about them. This is black & white only and includes the teacher's answer sheet. Click here to download.
The task cards can be used as a memory game, review, or any other way you can think of. This set has one of the people listed with a line to fill in the blank. Scriptures are included. This has the color and black and white and has the corresponding worksheet that can be used with any of the other printables available here.
More can be found under Labels on the right.
Another Match Me set is available! 

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