Monday, August 19, 2019

VBS Heroes of Faith Decorating
Our VBS this year was found in Hebrews 11.
We picked four men: Joseph, Samson, David and Daniel.
These decorating ideas are what Haley Wilson designed for two classrooms.
Haley taught 2's and 3's and gave permission for me to share these with you.
Thank you, Haley!
The background above was designed by Haley and the people were added by Jana Blount.
You can see the layers used to design this wall for Joseph. The palm tree leaves were left to curl on the edges, so that added a nice texture element for the preschoolers.
The above wall background was designed by Haley and David and Goliath were added by Jana Blount. The cloudy sky was used, then the mountain paper with the sky removed and the grass is Summer Horizon paper with the sky removed.
For the preschool room, Haley used plain blue for the sky, and two shades of green for the land. She added crumpled brown paper for the mountain range.
Click here to see how to make the plywood wooly sheep.
 The above background was designed by Haley and Daniel and the lions were added by Jana Blount.
This is a huge wall and this is the left side for the lion's den.
Haley used Flagstone bulletin board paper for the wall and crunched the black paper for the bottom of the background. You can see these wood lions online here or search for Group VBS Babylon. The kids love the fur for the mane and end of the tail!
I love the king peeking in at the top! This is the right side continued from the above photo.
There are brown rocks made from crumpled brown bulletin board paper.
Click here to see and download templates for these lions.
They were drawn on poster board.  Faux fur was added to these also.

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