Monday, August 12, 2019

VBS: 2. Samson Hero of Faith
This VBS is found in Hebrews 11.
We picked four men: Joseph, Samson, David and Daniel.

These decorating ideas are what Haley Wilson designed for two classrooms.
Haley taught 2's and 3's and gave permission for me to share these with you.
Haley drew a Samson paper bag puppet to make, too.
Thank you, Haley!
This Samson was in another classroom.
You can see the temple is the background with Samson in front.
Samson stood against the wall between the pillars for the lessons.
But, he was brought forward to these temporary pillars.
Then,  the fun began!
Each student stood next to the pillars and pushed with all their might like Samson!
Down came the pillars just like Samson! over and over until everyone had a turn.
Haley drew this Samson to use as a paper bag craft! The download includes the black & white and 7 choices (various skin tones and hair color) of Samson in color. This can be used as Elijah, John, and several other Bible men. Click here to download.
(There was a general lesson written and the teachers condensed it for preschool.)
This will be available Friday.

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