Solomon's Life

Friday, May 29, 2020
Solomon was a great king with riches and wisdom. Unfortunately, his downfall with his women led to the divided kingdom after him.

The following posters, worksheets and more are in the lesson and application pack.
There is a poster choice for Solomon's Temple, one for the Ark of the Covenant and the Queen of Sheba.
The Venn's are easy and I created it this way so that you can discuss Solomon's wise/bad choices. They can be written on the correct labeled side. But, this can lead to choices for the students and any discussion you feel will benefit as the application.
This is a Solomon's Life Sequencing Timeline. There is a completed one (right) for a teacher's visual, if you are keeping a notebook and just want it as a chart, or you do not like the cut and glue. If the students only put glue above the dotted line, they will have a lift-the-flap with the information under each photo.
 Scripture references
1 Kings 3:1 Solomon’s first wife
1 Kings 3:3 Solomon loved God
Deuteronomy 12:4-5 old law requirements that Solomon wasn’t following
1 Kings 3:12-13 Solomon asked for wisdom
1 Kings 3:25 divide the baby in half
1 Kings 3:28 Solomon’s wisdom
1 Kings 4:29 God gave Solomon wisdom
1 Kings 4:32 Solomon spoke 3,000 proverbs & 1,005 songs
1 Chronicles 22:7-11 Solomon would build temple, not David
1 Kings 5:13 work on the temple begins
1 Kings 8:61 Solomon instructed the people to be loyal to God
1 Kings 10:1 The queen of Sheba visited Solomon
1 Kings 10:18 King Solomon made a great throne
1 Kings 10:23 King Solomon was the richest & wisest king on earth
1 Kings 11:6 Solomon turned away from God
1 Kings 11:13 the kingdom would be divided
1 Kings 11:42 Solomon was king for 40 years
(They are the same as the visuals, but black & white.)
This file contains all the available visuals for Solomon.
The pictures above are a sample to show what is included.
Not all are shown.
(These are not included in the application pack.)

Click here to download the pictures to color.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.) 

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  1. Thank you so much for making these sets available. My Sunday School class loves completing the worksheets!


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