Bible People Overview File Folder Game

Wednesday, July 29, 2020
I wanted this file folder game for several uses. It will be used with a 13-week quarter to teach the students how to see the Bible as a whole in order beginning with the Seeing the Big Picture lesson as an introduction. Then general lessons on  some main points in the Old Testament. That first quarter will lead to Jesus and the book of Acts to complete a year's study with the class.
These can be used as review, or a follow-along if you use the
These can be kept on a table in the class for early arrivers, too.
The printables for the file folder are the same as the bulletin board.
File folders are nice because everything is compacted together and easy to store.
But they can be kept in a large 10x13 envelope if you prefer. The cover can be glued to the outside of the envelope so you can easily see what is inside. I suggest you use a piece of shipping tape to connect the back of the inside 'game board' and students can open it like a book to lay the pieces inside.
This is what the inside looks like completed. There is a teacher's completed set that looks like this. The students can use it if you prefer to have it be an Anchor Chart. The student's has blank numbered squares to lay the people cards in the correct order.
This a different one I designed to be used each week. Students can add the picture each week. I used the sticker maker to make them stickers. The file has the pages for the student and a completed set for the teacher's visual. Click here to download.
This file folder game can be used with any general overview of Bible people.
I actually created this to use with the Big Picture lesson.

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