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Monday, January 6, 2020
This series of lessons were designed from a question!
One question led to almost a year of study.
"Do you have a list of people in the Bible?"
Well, not really, but I can make one. So, I did and the question was really are there lessons about the people in the Bible. That is mostly what you will find on this website, but since they are written for younger students, they are mostly about certain events in their lives.

That thought is the basis for this series. The lessons are a general overview of what we know about the person. Since they are designed to be used in one lesson (some can and should be divided into two or more and I mention that in the introductions), facts might not be as in-depth. These are an overview and are designed to be used with several ages in the classroom; but this is optional.

We know an extensive amount about some of these people's lives. So, depending on how you want to teach these, you might want to delete some of the events in a person's life to fit into your time frame, or you can divide the lesson.

For this series, I have added basic visuals and pictures to color for each lesson. For instance, there are only three for Cain and Abel. But they get the point across. Also, the visuals have all been color corrected, cropped and everyone has clothes on (even if the original does not.) If you are teaching to different ages, use these visuals and add scripture posters or maps when applicable. Also, after asking several people about this project, time lines were requested. There is a simple, full one below, but since these lessons are about the person's life as we know it, most of the application is some type of a cut and glue in order type of worksheet. I was told repeatedly that students love cut and glue (the teachers, not so much). If these do not interest you, you can use the search bar to find other application printables for the specific person. Most Monday's before each lesson will have something that can be used also.

Depending on your schedule, you can use or delete any of the lessons.
These would make great notebooks to keep and review.

It was requested to have a timeline. This is a very basic black & white ready to print timeline. This marks the different ages, shows where the judges and kings fit in, but does not include every judge or king, etc. This basically names the people that are included in the lessons for this series to keep it cleaner and easier to use for the students and the teacher. There are not any scriptures, ages or dates for the same reason. They can be added by the student as part of the project if you decide to.
Just print. Cut in half on the dotted line and tape or glue them in order. They can be folded on the seam for storage if the students are keeping a notebook.
Click here to download the timeline.
This can be used as an introduction to the people that will be discussed; or to conclude the series.
It can also be used as it's own lesson without the People in the Bible Series.
This lesson has several additional posters to use.
This is an assortment of  Books of the Bible puzzles. These can be used to put the events with the correct book. They can be used just to get the students used to the Old Testament and New Testament books and how to spell them. Teacher's answer sheets are included for all.
Click here to download the puzzles.


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