Monday, September 7, 2020

Daniel in the Lion's Den Song
Daniel in the Den song by Jeanne Dickson.
Thanks to Jeanne for allowing me to use her songs to create flipcharts and share them with you! This song has the standard one-page black and white song and the color flipchart. I have also included Daniel and lions to use as stand-ups to use if you prefer instead of the flipchart. They can be used for application and to retell about Daniel. And, I added a Daniel and a lion that can be attached to large craft sticks to use for something different. Everything is in the download here.
A bonus idea by Jeanne! She created this den using Gigi Bloks.
She used stuffed lions and used Harper's Fare Noah for Daniel.
Jeanne found an angel on clearance (December/January).
 Put him on a string and the angel can go down into the den.
I found these wood faces at Hobby Lobby. They can be used for this song.
You can purchase a cute lion paper bag puppet printable here.

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