Daniel Match-It File Folder Game

Tuesday, September 8, 2020
File Folder Game and worksheets
I have tried to add more file folder games to this series since it was one of the requests.
 These can be printed and put together to use as review. Students can take them home to use, or they can be kept on a table for early arrivers for learning time and review.
This one includes the cover with the inside being the inside of a lion's den. This is a super easy and fast file folder game to assemble. Trim off the white border and glue the cover to the front. You can write any information on the tab that you want.
 This is the inside to resemble a lion's den. Trim off the white border and glue. Make sure you have the correct left and right numbered pieces in place. To store the lion answer cards, on the bottom right, there is a 'pocket. Cut around outside edges and only put glue on the bottom and sides. Allow to dry before placing cards inside. Once the cards are cut out, it is ready!
You can put the corresponding numbers on the back of each card
lion answer for the students to be self-checking. This is optional, but is nice if you want to set up a table for them to use on their own. There is answer sheet that can be printed and glued to the back of the file folder for self checking also.
The questions are written on the 'wall' and the lion cards are the answers.
The students will just lay the correct lion answer card on each question.

There is a worksheet included. It is a question and answer with fill-in-the-blanks. This can be used as the answer sheet for the file folder game also.
There is also a Hands-On den from Jeanne.

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