Daniel's Life

Friday, September 11, 2020
Even with keeping the lesson to just Daniel, this is a long lesson and should be divided into two parts, unless you feel you have extended time in class.

The following posters, worksheets and more are in the lesson and application packhttps://www.biblefunforkids.com/2020/09/daniels-life.html https://www.biblefunforkids.com/2020/09/daniels-life.htmlhttps://www.biblefunforkids.com/2020/09/daniels-life.html
Included with the posters is the King Nebuchadnezzar dream statue poster. This includes the plain, the kingdoms that were revealed listed with and without arrows and fill-in-the-blank worksheets. The last one is for younger students to trace the dotted letters to fill in the answers. Both of these worksheets can be used with various age groups.
This is a Life Sequencing Timeline for Daniel. There is a completed one (right) for a teacher's visual, if you are keeping a notebook and just want it as a chart, or you do not like the cut and glue. If the students only put glue above the dotted line, they will have a lift-the-flap with the information under each photo.
Click here to see the Daniel Song with Stand-Ups and more.
Click here to see Daniel in the Lion's Den File Folder Game and worksheets.
Scripture references
Daniel 1:7 name changed
Daniel 1:8 Daniel decided to refuse the king’s food
Daniel 1:19-20 they were 10 times wiser than the king’s men
Daniel 2:19 dream revealed at night to Daniel
Daniel 2:48 Daniel’s promotion
Daniel 5:5 the fingers appeared and wrote on the wall
Daniel 6:10 Daniel prayed
Daniel 6:22 God sent angel to the lion’s den
Daniel 6:23 he was brought up out of the den
Ezekiel 14:14 Daniel was righteous (like Noah & Job)

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