The Lost Sheep & Coin Parables

Monday, April 19, 2021

You can watch Haley as she discusses The Lost Sheep and Lost Coin Parables.

Click here to see it on Children of the Church on Facebook.

Thanks to Haley for permission to share this project!
There are so many ways to make a sheep! There is a Directed Drawing Chart to draw a face on a paper plate. Students can add cotton balls or wiggle eyes. The eyes can be cut out and add a large craft stick at the bottom to hold it for a mask. There are three faces that can be printed and glued to a paper plate or glue to a craft stick. You can make a sheep from a handprint, too. 

Click here to download.

Here are the links to the other items used during the video:
Cotton can be added to the sheep for more hands-on fun.

Click here to see the Bible Facts Flash Cards Haley used.

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