Peter and Dorcas

Monday, October 11, 2021

You can watch Haley as she discusses Peter and Dorcas. 

Click here to see it on Children of the Church on Facebook.

Watch the video designed for older students here. 

Thanks to Haley for permission to share this project!

Students can sew a shirt like Dorcas. Students can draw a shirt or these can be printed. The file has assorted shirts to print. Use a hole punch to cut out the circles to thread the string or yarn through. They can take home, remove the string or yarn and do it again; or they can use it like a card. Color, draw or add stickers, and sign it to give to someone. They are plain intentionally. Students can write a scripture if it will not be used as a giveaway.

Here are the links to the other items used during the video:

Haley used a set of the accordion shirts.

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