Daniel and the Lions

Monday, October 31, 2022


You can watch Haley as she discusses Daniel and the lions. 

Click here to see it on Children of the Church on Facebook.

Thanks to Haley for permission to share this project! 
Haley designed this lion paper plate mask to use for her Facebook Daniel lesson. She guides you step-by-step. You will need a paper plate, glue, scissors, crayons and orange, yellow and brown construction paper. Haley used the back of the paper plate and colored the face brown.

Depending on the time allotted in class and the age of your students, some of this project can be prepped before class. I did this at home with preschoolers, so time wasn't an issue. I did cut and glue the face before they did the project. The colored strips for the mane were torn about 1/2" x 3"-4" long. I added the glue and they picked the colors and laid them around the face. I attached a large craft stick to the back for them to hold it. We used the front of the paper plate which is yellow. They did not want the eyes cut out for this mask.

To add to the theme, there is a Directed Drawing instruction sheet to use in class so you do not have to keep repeating the directions to draw the lion face. There is a lion face in color and black & white to print if you prefer. This can be used with or without the paper plate. There are directions to complete the mask. 

There is also a full lion face with a mane to snip that makes a fringe. These are fun to attach to a large craft stick for the students to hold. This is a good one for scissor skills! The eyes can be cut out on any of these crafts, but is optional. 

Here are the links to the other items used during the video:


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