Friday, August 2, 2019

VBS: Heroes of Faith in Hebrews 11
We picked 4 men from Hebrews 11 to study for VBS.
Joseph, Samson, David and Daniel
The photo above shows the walls are decorated floor to ceiling.

These are the church building decorations that were designed by several people.
The main foyer design and backgrounds were designed by Haley Wilson and the people were added by other volunteers. Some groups volunteered to decorate the vestibule (Daniel) and hallways.
As I do each year, I have the photos here to give you ideas for decorating. I can only describe what I see and there are not any templates available to download.
The first night was Joseph.
Joseph's Coat of Many Colors
Joseph's Dreams
The sitting area has yellow chevron  bulletin board paper on the bottom and the purple on top. There is a piece of hieroglyphics fabric in the center with the borders in hieroglyphics on the sides spelling WELCOME repurposed from last year. The columns were from last year also. The purple pillows are regular bed pillows covered in purple and borrowed from a king's throne.

Click on the underlined words to see any printables or products that were used.

The second night was Samson.
This is the hallway where most of Samson was.
Here is Samson with the lion and bees.
The bee hives were hanging from the ceiling with the cute little bees flying around.
The beehives were created from Japanese lanterns.
Samson pushing the columns down were at the end of the hall.
There were boxes wrapped with gray paper  to represent the temple falling down.
There was yellow covering the lights for the 'temple', so the whole area looked yellow. There were pots and outdoor torches in the temple area.

The third night was David.
 David the Shepherd
David & Goliath

The last night was Daniel.
 The other governors want to trap Daniel.
King Darius signs the new law.
The columns are here.
Daniel continues to pray to God.
Daniel in the lion's den.
The king checks on Daniel in the morning. 

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