Friday, August 9, 2019

VBS: 1. Joseph ~ a Man of Faith in Hebrews
We picked 4 men that are listed in Hebrews 11: Joseph, Samson, David & Daniel.
See below for posters like this one, and lots more suitable for VBS or Bible class.
I tried to give a general background of each person as an intro before each lesson.
Joseph's lesson is an overall lesson about his life and faithfulness and includes his power in Egypt.
I really tried to use pre-made backgrounds this year. This is a really big shower curtain! 
Check Amazon and eBay for Egyptian shower curtain to see what is available and the prices. I really thought there would be more VBS Egypt themed items available. There are a couple different choices, but I liked this one. I just added Pharaoh and Joseph, the pots, banner and poster. And really, this looks better in person. You don't see the fold lines on the wall like it shows in the photo.
I used this coat I made years ago and held it up at the beginning of the lesson as we discussed Joseph getting this special coat that his brothers did not receive.
This was the back of the door inside the room that could be used as application or activity as time permitted.

There are some additional posters included with the lesson. The 'God is with you' set also comes in plain.
These updated visuals are all the visuals for Genesis 37 and include Joseph receiving his coat, his dreams and his brothers selling him. 
All are not shown.

Click here to download the pictures to color.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)
Paulette designs the application and it is usually some type of game. For Joseph, we played hot potato. She tossed the potato to each student, described some kind of scenario and they replied with what they would do. Preferably what God would want them to do to show faith in Him. This can be funny and interesting!
They get so excited when they come in and see these buzzers! The last night was a general review that included all four lessons. Each lesson (Joseph, Samson, David & Daniel) is on their own page and has 20 questions each. They don't all have to be used, they can be mixed up, you can pick them randomly to use. Click here to download the questions.
The Magnetic Board Visuals are fun because they are different than the standard full page visuals. These are each half-a-page, numbered and a color picture. I print on cardstock, cut out and laminate, then add small, flat magnets to the back. I add each visual to a magnetic whiteboard as I teach the lesson. They can used like regular visuals and be held up while teaching, or attached to a large craft stick to use.  Click here to print the Magnetic Board Visuals.
This poster pack has a poster for Joseph, Samson, David & Daniel in your choice of each of the three styles shown above. One set is numbered, one set is not numbered and the other set does not have a 'picture'. Click here to download.
I wanted the door to look like a Portrait Feature Wall, so I made the banners with the information and the framed 'photos' of the men we studied in Hebrews 11. The top banner comes in two sizes, I used one for the door and one on a wall. The (bottom left) scroll is 29" long and the Grades poster is 16" long. Just use a black Sharpie to fill in your grades. Any of these can be used as an addition to your decorating or bulletin boards.
Click here to download the banners.
So, at the last minute I totally changed my mind on the door! I decided I wanted something more fun and different from what I usually do. I used this super hero Welcome sign on red paper with a big yellow super splat. I kept the banner,  but changed the logo for the grades. I designed a super hero background for each Bible person.
Click here to download an assortment of super hero designs including the super splat words. There are some plain ones you can print and design because I couldn't find any available that I could share.
Click to see the other Men in this VBS Hebrews 11 series:
Samson (coming August 16th)  David (coming August 23rd)  
Daniel (coming August 30th)

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