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VBS: 3. David ~ a Man of Faith in Hebrews
We picked 4 men that are listed in Hebrews 11: Joseph, Samson, David & Daniel.
See below for posters like this one, and lots more suitable for VBS or Bible class.
I tried to give a general background of each person as an intro before each lesson.
David's lesson is centered around David & Goliath.
I designed this background for David & Goliath to be the Valley of Elah. The cloud paper went on first, then the grass on the bottom. The top of the grass was on top of the bottom of the mountain grass. The mountain range went in the middle. My husband told me there isn't that much snow in that area, so I cut some off and left enough so it still looked like mountains in the background because most of the action took place in the valley. Note the  brook of fabric water with the smooth stones on the floor in front. See below for Goliath's accessories.
There are so many details to design this wall. Goliath had bronze helmet, coat of mail, bronze armor on his legs, a bronze javelin between his shoulders and a spear. 1 Samuel 17:5-7 Later, we are told that David took Goliath's sword from his sheath to cut off his head.1 Samuel 18:51 Goliath's shield-bearer walked in front of him. 1 Samuel 17:7
The spear and the shield were easy to find affordable. I wanted light-weight so they would stay on the wall. So was the sword and sheath. Check Amazon, eBay or specialty stores in October for costume pieces.
The javelin was too expensive. I planned on using a long dowel rod to create one. But, I found these ninja toys at Dollar Tree. It was really easy to make and it looks just like I wanted!
I used a Sai and cut off the side prongs. I pinched it together with needle nose plyers and used regular scissors to cut them off. I trimmed as much off as I could. I cut off the bottom of the handle so I could insert the 'wood' handle inside after adding glue and a piece of fabric to make it tighter. I used a piece of the fake leather I purchased for belts to wrap around it (see photo). Then I wrapped jute string around that to keep it all together. I PAINTED the silver top BRONZE since it is described as a bronze javelin.
 You can see the bronze javelin behind Goliath's shoulder. The other weapons can be purchased on Amazon, eBay or at costume stores in October. I purchased the spear, sword and the shield online and painted Goliath's body armor, leggings and the band on his helmet bronze. 1 Samuel 17:5-7 I also added a leather belt and studs for more texture.
I used leather and leather strings for the slingshot and stapled it like it was spinning in the air. I added a leather belt holding the bag for the five smooth stones. Right below David's feet on the floor was a brook made with fabric that looks like water with lots of smooth stones sprinkled on it.
This was the scripture we used for the week, but it is found in David's scripture.
I used it as a cloud scripture banner on David's wall.
This is a good old song that I updated. First, David wasn't a young boy, he was probably a teenager. He picked up 5 smooth stones, so that is another change I made to the song. This includes the one-page black & white song, the background and David & Goliath. Print on cardstock, cut around the solid black line and fold on the dotted line and they are ready to use. The song is also printed on the back of the background. Click here to download.
There are additional posters included in the lesson download.

The kids attend a craft class, so I don't have a project for the lesson. I didn't get a picture, but they made slime. Which they LOVE! Then, they made the 5 smooth stones for David with it.
They get so excited when they come in and see these buzzers! The last night was a general review that included all four lessons. Each lesson (Joseph, Samson, David & Daniel) is on their own page and has 20 questions each. They don't all have to be used, they can be mixed up, you can pick them randomly to use. Click here to download the questions.
The Magnetic Board Visuals are fun because they are different than the standard full page visuals. These are each half-a-page, numbered, color picture. I print on cardstock, cut out and laminate, then add small, flat magnets to the back. I add each visual to a magnetic whiteboard as I teach the lesson. They can used like regular visuals and be held up while teaching, or attached to a large craft stick to use.  Click here to print the Magnetic Board Visuals.
This poster pack has a poster for Joseph, Samson, David & Daniel in your choice of each of the three styles shown above. One set is numbered, one set is not numbered and the other set does not have a 'picture'. Click here to download.
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