VBS: 4. Daniel ~ a Man of Faith in Hebrews

Friday, August 30, 2019
We picked 4 men that are listed in Hebrews 11: Joseph, Samson, David & Daniel.
See below for posters like this one, and lots more suitable for VBS or Bible class.
I tried to give a general background of each person as an intro before each lesson.
Daniel's lesson highlights him & the lion's den.
I tried to find backgrounds pre-made this year and I found this Babylon city to use for Daniel. I added corrugated cobblestone for the bottom to blend with the path on the design. I added Daniel praying in the upper room and the men looking up at Daniel from the city street. I used the palm tree I had from last year to add some dimension.
This is covering a corner. The Daniel in the lion's den scene is here. I just used a new Galaxy sky bulletin board paper that is more black so it blends in better. Download the free Babylon logos and more here. I found the lions at Ikea. See the picture below.
Application: How can students show their faith in God in their personal situations?  (be kind, share, don’t be rude, answer politely, pay attention, invite them to Bible study, VBS, etc.) At home (no picture) and at school. At the hairdresser/barber, to the mailman, playing with friends, to the neighbors, shopping, in a restaurant or in the grocery store. You can divide into partners, or threes and act it out.
Click here to download the pictures.
They get so excited when they come in and see these buzzers! I changed the application for the last lesson and we did a general review that included all four lessons. Each lesson (Joseph, Samson, David & Daniel) is on their own page and has 20 questions each. They don't all have to be used, they can be mixed up, you can pick them randomly to use. Click here to download the questions.
There are additional posters included in the lesson download.

The kids have a craft class separate, so I don't usually add a craft.
But, this is what they did for Daniel. It is a super cute lion headband.
They loved this! There are brown, white and a sparkle gold tulle pieces.
They were 12 all together and cut about 9" each and tied on the headband.
The ears were cut about 2" tall x 1 3/4" wide from brown felt and stapled to the tulle close to the headband. The headbands were black and can be purchased in bulk.
Also, for the final touch, the adult put a dab of black paint on the tip of their finger and gave each of them a lion nose!
The Magnetic Board Visuals are fun because they are different than the standard full page visuals. These are each half-a-page, numbered, color picture. I print on cardstock, cut out and laminate, then add small, flat magnets to the back. I add each visual to a magnetic whiteboard as I teach the lesson. They can used like regular visuals and be held up while teaching, or attached to a large craft stick to use.   Click here to print the Magnetic Board Visuals.
This poster pack has a poster for Joseph, Samson, David & Daniel in your choice of each of the three styles shown above. One set is numbered, one set is not numbered and the other set does not have a 'picture'. Click here to download.
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  1. Excellent series! I can't wait to use these. I thought that you might need to know that the link to print the Daniel lesson and posters takes me to the David lesson.


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