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Friday, August 7, 2020
This is lesson five in a 13-week series that I used in my class. I wanted one quarter to introduce the Old Testament with a basic timeline of the people and events. The students can learn what happened in the Old Testament and how those events lead to Jesus. These lessons are a combination of the Life Overview Series and other lessons. They have been updated and tweaked since I taught these. I will show you what I used to blend several posts into 13 lessons. It was basically pick and choose and you can change any to fit your needs.
This lesson teaches about Joseph in Genesis. The lesson explains the Big Picture. I used Cathy’s visual with Joseph’s Coat and updated it to make it easier to use. Keep in mind these lessons are slightly longer with very different application reviews.
I updated Cathy's coat visual. I rearranged the pieces so they are placed in order instead of random on the coat. I updated the lesson slightly to my style and for a couple of the pieces that I changed. I also added a couple of small visuals. Click here to see Cathy's original visual.
If you prefer not to make the coat visual, this file has updated visuals and the adapted lesson outline. I print my visuals on cardstock, and tape each section of the lesson to the back. It keeps me on track and is ready for anyone else to use the visuals. This lesson outline is also included.
The dreams are interesting to discuss and this worksheet will help the students remember who dreamed it. They just draw a line from the name to the correct dream. Some have more than one dream. There is an answer sheet with scriptures included. Click here to download.
I designed this file folder game for the Life of Joseph. The (left) money bag is the cover and can be printed in color or black & white onto color paper. The (right) inside has the numbered 'coins' for the student to put Joseph's life in order. It can be used to review or discuss his life. The top is for the students and the bottom is the completed set for teacher's visual or if you want to use it already done. There is a list of answers with scripture if you want to make a lesson using this.
This is designed so that if you prefer to cut out the bag... you can. It is a lot more work, but it can be done. Glue the cover on the file folder and cut it out (both sides of the file folder). Then, glue the inside on.
The silver coins are 2" circles. I purchased a punch to make it (so much) easier and perfect. Click here to see the punch. Here are some hints to make it easier to use a punch: For this type of use, I remove the safety shield on the bottom. They usually slide or pop off easily to clean. I cut each strip pretty close (about 1/4") from the circle (but not on the circle). Turn the punch upside down and insert the picture (as shown) inside so you can place it perfect in the punch area to be cut. Squeeze and you have a perfect easy circle! The silver coin pictures can be kept in a sandwich bag, an envelope or these library pockets. You can find these just about anywhere. Craft stores, Dollar Tree and teacher supply stores. I plan to reuse these with future classes, so I did not glue the pocket onto the file folder. They can be Velcroed, but it is hard for the students to get them out of the pocket, so I keep them in a storage bag.
Keep in mind, you can use the circle punch to cut circles from gray or silver cardstock for other lessons with silver coins.
I also used this Bible Timeline File Folder Game. I made the pictures into stickers (which they love!) and the students added to it each week. Even though we studied Jesus and Acts after this quarter, rather than removing any pictures, I printed those pictures already on the page along with a couple that we wouldn't have as it's own lesson.
Click here if you want to print the one I used with some of the pictures already in place. This includes the completed teacher's visual also. 
The original file has a teacher's visual completed. and a student file folder without any pictures on the timeline. All pictures will need to be cut and glued or made into stickers to use.
These updated visuals are all the visuals for Genesis 37 and include Joseph receiving his coat, his dreams and his brothers selling him. 
All are not shown.

Click here to download the pictures to color.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)
This is a variety pack for Genesis 39-46 since it covers so much!
There is a visual(s) for each event that is in these chapters.

Click here to download the pictures to color.
(These are the same as the visuals but are black & white.)

Scripture References 

Genesis 37:3 Jacob gave Joseph the coat of many colors

Genesis 40:5-13 Butler & Baker’s dreams interpreted

Genesis 41:17-32 Pharaoh’s dreams

Genesis 41:51-52 Joseph’s sons born

Genesis 44:18 Joseph is even like Pharaoh

Genesis 45:26 they told Jacob Joseph was alive

Genesis 46:26 66 people traveled to Egypt

Genesis 47:9 Jacob was 130 years old when he went to Egypt

Genesis 47:11 they lived in Rameses

Genesis 35:22-26 sons listed

Genesis 41:45 Joseph married Asenath

Genesis 41:50-52 Joseph had two sons

Genesis 47:28 Jacob lived in Egypt for 17 years and died at 147 years old

Genesis 50:22 Joseph lived 110 years

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