Moses Overview Part 1

Friday, December 1, 2023

This is Life of Moses updated that I used to teach the Old Testament Overview. Moses is divided into four parts, instead of one or each event of his life. This lesson covers his birth through the burning bush.
This is a four-page flip book that is super easy to use. Just cut on the solid lines, layer the pages in order and staple on the lines on the cover page. The kids love books, and these make an easy change from a coloring page or worksheet. Color and black & white are included.
This is an easy to make 3-D basket for baby Moses with a lid and photo. Add a small piece of fabric for a 'blanket and it will add texture and fun. This is color only but can be printed grayscale for black and white.
These Anchor charts are included in the application pack.

Click here to download the lesson and application pack.

Some visuals I used with this lesson:
I had this set up for them to see. I found the basket years ago at Michaels. The base is a piece of green Styrofoam with blue felt for the water on top. I found the bulrushes at Dollar Tree and insert then through the felt and Styrofoam, or just through the Styrofoam. Add the baby and it is ready to use.
I found this great serpent years ago and they love this! I have my walking stick and toss it down and bring out this giant snake. God can turn the stick into a serpent, but I can't. They still like to see these as visuals.

I use this hand for leprosy. You can find this sort of thing in lot of stores, including craft stores, dollar stores, department stores, etc. Sometimes I have it tucked under my armpit with a sweater over it, so they don't see it. I put my hand under the sweater and pull it out, then put it back and leave it during that part of the lesson. They love this! Usually, I handed out a small one to each student and tell them to do what I do. They have fun with that, too!
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