Moses Overview Part 3

Friday, December 15, 2023

This is Life of Moses updated that I used to teach the Old Testament Overview. Moses is divided into four parts, instead of one or each event of his life. This lesson covers the manna and quail and water God provided, the Red Sea crossing, Pillar of fire and Pillar of cloud and some basic time in the wilderness.

There is a Pharaoh and Mount Sinai Anchor Chart included (not shown). 
There is a new worksheet. The Find the Differences and God Provides Spinner has color and black & white included. The answers for the Find the Differences are on the last page.

The quail dot marker and dot-to-dot are in black & white only.

For the visuals for this lesson, I set up the manna and quail display on a TV tray in front of my table. I had the 'manna' oyster crackers in clear cups to give to the students. I had the gummy worms in plastic baggies to hand out. 

I had a mortar & pestle ready with coriander seeds. When we talked about the manna, I showed them the coriander seeds (Numbers 11:7) and tossed them into the mortar and pestle and pretended to grind them. Numbers 11:8 I handed out the cups of 'manna', then we talked about what happened if they kept extra for the next day. I handed out the bags of worms and told them to add the worms to the 'manna', and they really love this!
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  1. I seen on Amazon where you orders the flies from they had maggots so ordered some of them for the manna in the wilderness

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    1. They are cheapest on eBay like these I purchased @


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