Moses Overview Part 4

Friday, December 22, 2023

This is Life of Moses updated that I used to teach the Old Testament Overview. Moses is divided into four parts, instead of one or each event of his life. This lesson covers the ten commandments God gave Moses on Mount Sinai, Aaron's gold calf, and some of the Old Laws (the Law of Moses).
These 10 commandments printables are included:
1. Accordion
2. Spinner
3. Worksheet
4. Venn Chart
5. Concept Chart with graphics
6. Concept Chart without graphics

Color and black & white are included for all.
I used this life of Moses foldable. I made the pictures into stickers, and as we discussed the events in Moses' life, they added the stickers in the correct place.

The first picture will be the front with the folds on the dotted lines. The second picture will be the inside and will be used last. It is printed on the front and back. I printed on cardstock. This is the completed one. There is another one with 6 spaces to add pictures as you teach. These can be cut and glued or made as stickers to use. The same visuals are included as full-size. The lesson is included.

I used this 10 Commandments activity as a discussion handout. I used the printable that is completed. There are several printing choices. The first (left) is the cover. The next two are full-page size stones. These same stones can be printed on one page. I printed the full size with the pictures already on the stones to use as a teacher's visual. I printed both stones on one page for the students and then printed the cover on the other side. I cut them as one stone and folded to look like a book. Although, you can cut them to be two stones if you prefer. The pictures are cut and glue or you can make them stickers with a sticker machine. Everything is included. There is a mini lesson for the 10 commandments in the lesson and application pack.  
These are my commandant stones made from slate. 

Make Your Own 10 Commandments Visual!
I used this for the gold calf. This gold calf visual is a donkey piñata! I used the pottery plaster from Hobby Lobby and then spray painted it gold. The gold beads are the long Christmas string beads. If possible, I would delete the beads and look for gold earrings. I even asked people from church if I could have any old earrings to keep for this lesson.

Remove all the loose papers (as many as possible). When I made this, I used USG Pottery Plaster and I can't find the exact plaster online. This plaster seems to be a good substitution. Although, use what you can find that is affordable. Apply thick enough to cover the pinata, but not so thick that it will crack. The ears seem to be the part that will break off, so try to make sure they are plastered good.

I did not try to make the plaster smooth and perfect. Aaron's gold calf probably wasn't. But keep in mind that once you spray paint it, all the imperfections will show. 

When the plaster is very dry and solid, I spray painted it gold. Just use what you can find affordable. Again, there are a lot of options. I have this leftover, so it might be Krylon Maxx gold. At the time, Wal Mart had the cheapest spray paint, and I looked for one that could be used on plaster.
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