Moses Part 2

Friday, December 8, 2023

This is Life of Moses updated that I used to teach the Old Testament Overview. Moses is divided into four parts, instead of one or each event of his life. This lesson covers the ten plagues.
The spinner and Number It worksheet both have color and black & white. There is a completed teacher's answer sheet for the worksheet included.
The Flap Book is usually used in lapbooks or file folder games but can be used by itself as a fun worksheet. Fold in half on the dotted line and cut on the solid lines to separate each letter. Students will lift-the-flap and write whatever information you want on the inside. 

Click here (part 1), here (part 2), and here (part 3) to see the displays that I have on a table to discuss the plagues.
This is an idea I have used forever; with different items I find for the Plague Bag. I had everything in the bags ready to hand out after the lesson so we could discuss the plagues. This is a more expensive handout, but they really love it. I used these bags this time, but white or brown lunch paper bags would be cheaper. I printed the download for the label to glue to the bag. The other cards were placed inside, and the students can match the items in the bag to the cards.

This download includes the color and black & white set of the 10 Plagues. I printed them onto cardstock, cut them out. I glued the label on the paper bag and put the plagues cards inside. I also added these hands-on items:  1. plastic fish (fish died), plastic frogs or Amazon, 3. rice, 4. plastic flies (or find in October), 5. animals (horses), 6. Band-Aid, 7. white pompom (or Styrofoam balls, or ping pong balls), 8. locust, 9. square of black cardstock with a set of google eyes on it, 10. door (see here). For the door, I didn't add the craft sticks. I printed, cut the door out and had them ready in the bags. They colored around the door red.
To use as a review, you can print two sets and have students match the cards and tell you what the card represents. If you add any extras, they can match items to the correct day. Click here to download.
This is a really cute song for the 10 Plagues with visuals/flip chart.
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